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Drain Catches Stormwater Runoff

Excess Stormwater runoff due to Extreme Weather Conditions

Excess Stormwater runoff due to Extreme Weather Conditions Stormwater drainage systems don’t always cope with heavy rain. The dimensions of pipes and stormwater systems are specified with average rainfalls in mind. With the current rain event we are experiencing and with further heavy falls expected, we wanted to share some important information regarding excess Stormwater runoff. If you find you are having drainage issues and are concerned, please feel free to contact Jamie on 0404 030 796 for an assessment. Frequently Asked Questions: Here you will find the most common asked questions regarding who’s responsibility it is when facing excess stormwater drainage problems on your property. Who deals with issues relating to groundwater on my property? The property owner manages…

Keep the Poo Flowing Through by unblocking pipes

Don’t Let Trees Throw a Party in Your Sewer – Keep the Poo Flowing Through

Your sewer is a feast. Trees need moisture and nutrients, so when they find your sewer, it’s party-time. This is how it happens… You get a small leak in your pipes. Thick rich sludge seeps out. Tree roots find it, slurp it up and then worm their way into the pipes. At first, the roots are small and fibrous but in this environment, they can quickly grow into a massive tangle that clogs up the pipes. And what happens next? Well, the pressure builds. Your raw sewerage has to go somewhere. It backs up to the easiest exit… often your toilet or your shower. This is expensive, messy and inconvenient. It is also a potential health problem. So, do not…

Blocked toilet

Flush Away Your Worries – 4 Tips for Clear Drains at Your Place

Okay, every day you brush your teeth. Have you ever leant over the sink to rinse and been hit by a foul odour? It smells like a sewer but don’t worry. It’s not a major blockage. It’s just a build-up of soap, dead skin, hair and other stuff that goes down the pipes and congeals into a lovely scum. Over time, it settles there forming a thick crust on your pipes. That’s a problem because there’s less space for the water to flow away. This is worse in the shower as you use it the most. And here’s what you do to get rid of those nasty odours. Tip #1 – Shower Treatment Grab a bucket of hot water and…

How to Keep Your Kitchen Drainpipes Running Free and Smelling Sweet

Over the last 12 years, I’ve unblocked hundreds of kitchen drains. It’s not the worst job a plumber can get, if you know what I mean. Anyway, after I crawl out from under the sink with a bucket full of smelly grey sludge, my customers wrinkle their noses in disgust. And they want to know “How can I stop this from happening?” This is what I tell them It starts with safety … If your drains are partly blocked and the water just isn’t getting away, you may be tempted to use a few home remedies or products from under your sink. But watch out … Acids and alkalis don’t mix. So if you put two different mixtures in your…

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