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Drain Catches Stormwater Runoff

Excess Stormwater runoff due to Extreme Weather Conditions

Excess Stormwater runoff due to Extreme Weather Conditions Stormwater drainage systems don’t always cope with heavy rain. The dimensions of pipes and stormwater systems are specified with average rainfalls in mind. With the current rain event we are experiencing and with further heavy falls expected, we wanted to share some important information regarding excess Stormwater runoff. If you find you are having drainage issues and are concerned, please feel free to contact Jamie on 0404 030 796 for an assessment. Frequently Asked Questions: Here you will find the most common asked questions regarding who’s responsibility it is when facing excess stormwater drainage problems on your property. Who deals with issues relating to groundwater on my property? The property owner manages…

unblock toilet with plunger.

Toilets – Are We There Yet?

“What? It only has one toilet?” The house buyer turns away, shaking her head, “We must have 2 toilets at least.” Yes, in Australia we all expect to have a couple of toilets per house, along with a few television screens. That’s become the norm. But it wasn’t always like that. Let’s take a short walk into the past. The Early Days with the Flush Toilet The flush toilet has been with us for 421 years. It was designed by an Englishman Sir John Harrington. After building a trial model in his home he published his plans in 1596. His design had a tank of water a floor above the WC. A valve was opened and this torrent of water…

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